Parndana is a small town on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, located 40 km from Kingscote.

Here in the agricultural heartland of Kangaroo Island you can explore a charming rural settlement created by ex-servicemen seeking a new start after World War II. 

All main roads lead to Parndana and it’s a natural stop for visitors en route to the western end of the Island.

The name "Parndana" means "The Place of Little Gums".

Returned soldiers and their families began to arrive in the area in 1948, occupying huts brought from a former internment camp, and began to move onto their farms in 1951. A total of 174 families came to live in the area, almost doubling Kangaroo Island’s population by 1954.

This town is the service centre for the region but is an attraction in its own right, with an award-winning wildlife park, an “Urban Forest”, a broad selection of romantic rural retreats and family accommodation and a unique history to be unravelled as you tour by foot or vehicle. 

A strong community spirit can be seen in the town’s many sports facilities and clubs. The town has an area school for years reception to 12 with swimming pool, a community hotel, two general stores, CFS, ambulance and museum.

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